Pochutla and the Monday Market

Every Monday the market in San Pedro Pochutla offers locals, foreigners and all those folks in-between a cornucopia of fresh vegetables, fruits, various goods and experiences. We were looking for an authentic Mexican market and this traditional, non-gringo market delivered in spades, none of that kitschy touristy ‘stuff’ was to be seen.

A comfortable 1-hour, 29 peso (~$2.00 CDN) bus ride with AC (bonus) will get you from the coastal town of La Crucecita in Santa Maria Hualtuco (Nuevo Huatulco) to Pochutla.

Originally called San Pedro Huehuetán Laguna, the town was established in the 8th century on what was once a lake bed. The lake was drained to prevent illnesses such as malaria and yellow fever. The town‘s name was eventually changed to what it is presently know as, Potchutla, which means “place of kapok trees”.

This city is a commercial and transportation hub for the central part of Oaxaco and the coast, connecting the nearby beach spots of Puerto Escondito to Puerto Ángel, Zipolite, San Agustinillo and  Mazunte. It is bustling, dusty, sweaty and definitely not a tourist attraction, except for the wonderful Monday market. We actually passed through Pochutla on our way to Mazunte both last year and again a couple of weeks ago (more on that later) but unfortunately those brief stopovers weren’t on a Monday when the entire ‘Central’ becomes a massive hub of activity. Having previously read and heard about this market I was definitely intrigued and what better way to spend a day?

As you have no doubt figured out I absolutely love markets! For some strange reason mi esposa doesn’t share this enthusiasm, 😫 but always a trooper and willing to indulge, we set out for a mini-adventure earlier this week. From the moment we exited the bus station we were immersed in the chaos, sights and sounds as we navigated the sidewalks and streets. My phone camera was clicking away much of the time and when asked, most vendors gladly agreed to have their photo or photos of their goods taken.

img_3035As with all Mexican towns and cities, the church is the central point.94FE5A3A-037B-4D4D-8D07-48890DBB8FE3.jpeg

Town square or Zocalo


We trust you will enjoy the colours, imagine the aromas, feel the heat, and see the warmth of the people as you tour the market and a bit of the city with us.


Our market scores for a fraction of the cost back home – fresh fruit, vegetables, freshly ground coffee, home baked cookies, and that tasty Oaxaca cheese 😋.


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