A Promise is a Promise!

Feature photo by Kevin Spreitz, Huatulco Photo Walks

We are back in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico currently in Huatulco idling away the days while escaping the cold, dark days of our Canadian winter.

This is our third time in the area; we are neophytes enjoying this piece of paradise compared to the many other Canadians who visit annually, some making it their permanent residence. It’s hard not to fall in love, the weather is the same day in and day out, bright sunshine, vivid blue skies, warm ocean breezes, 32C by day and evening temperatures of 23C, sigh… one never has to wonder what the next day will bring, it’s a guarantee.

Guess who??

The area has a great infrastructure, lovely boulevards leading to the port of Santa Cruz where large cruise ships stop a few times a month or in the other direction to the little town of La Crucecita. Walking is easy and I love getting out early each morning as the neighbourhoods awaken. People are hustling off to work, scooters whiz by, parents are taking their little ones to school, the fruit/vegetable trucks are parked on street corners and hot, fresh buns in the panaderías tempt.

Colours of Mexico

While visiting Cruciceta last year Bob and I were drawn into a photo studio one evening where we met the very talented young photographer, Kevin Spreitz. We enjoyed chatting, swapping travel adventures, and viewing some of his photos from around the world. We also learned about his business “Huatulco Photo Walks”. These walks are designed for photo enthusiasts, regardless of level, who want to learn or improve their skills. Kevin is hands on and gives great tips to capture the moment, use light to your advantage, frame a subject while gently encouraging how to see the world through the camera or phone lens to best tell a story.

Not sure why I waited, but finally decided to book a session with Kevin on our last full day here. The vacationers had pretty much thinned out so by pure luck I had Kevin to myself. Walking around town, a history lesson was combined with observing previously seen sights, but at a different angle and perspective, while he provided great hints on using several previously unknown features of my iPhone.

Watch that shuttle fly!
So many baskets
Making Acapulco chairs on the curb side

As with any business word of mouth is usually pretty good advertising. I promised Kevin a review would be forthcoming, but alas once home procrastination and life got in the way. However, a promise is a promise so with time currently a luxury I decided it was time to deliver!

Here are a few pictures taken that day as well as some other pics of our Mexico living. Oh and if you happen to ever be in the area, I highly recommend Kevin and the Huatulco Photo Walks.

Life on a side street

Author: Theresa & Bob

We love to wander, aimlessly at times it seems, and will keep moving as far and as long as we can. Serendipity has provided many wonders along the way, when least expected, and we love the anticipation of the 'next great find' just around the corner.

10 thoughts on “A Promise is a Promise!”

  1. You guys have the best getaways ever!!! Love reading your posts…. Theresa your second calling in life is a writer. And photographer is somewhere around there! Glad to hear you are enjoying your much deserved time away! Miss you guys. 💕

    1. Thanks Brenda, so happy that you enjoy our ramblings, it’s always fun to share stories & pics. Also great to see you are enjoying your time away, just too bad we are at opposite sides of the country! Hugs to you both, B&T

  2. Looks like it is nice and warm. You will have to update me on the new iPhone functions. Great pics thank you enjoy

    1. It is muy caliente mi amiga!! Saw a lot of pickle ball players the other morning & thought you would fit right in here! Have to get out early though 😆. Thanks for you kind words & sure happy to share anytime.

  3. Wonderful hearing about your travels again! We are staying in the Ontario winter this uear with all our grandbabies! We plan an Arizona trip in May and then the west coast for June and July. Then back to settle down here. We will do mini trips as long as Randy is able. We are definitely missing Mexico though. Enjoy!

  4. Happy to hear from the both of you. It is a balmy -4 with 15cm of the White stuff.
    Bob you look fantastic, as usual. Enjoy your time in Huatulco, and email us some of those hot fresh rolls.
    Marianne and Mick.

    1. One of favourite places as you know! 😆 Try to stay warm, won’t be too long before you guys are heading out again.

  5. Great to hear from you Karen, and congrats on you growing family. Two new babies recently, lots of Grandma/pa love to spread around now. Enjoy, while you maybe missing the Mexico heat I’m sure your hearts are warmed by all the love surrounding you!! Hope we can connect in April before you head out.

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