Where Have We Been????🌞☀️💫

It’s been quite a while since our last post! Apparently ‘Mexico life’ has gotten in the way, but hey we’re not complaining, it could always be worse!! Where to begin, well lots has happened, saddle sores have healed, sciatica abated, reunions have been had, new friends made, and overall life goes on and we feel blessed and are thankful for every single day.  So we shall begin the update, picking up from where we last left off, (small chewable chunks as Bob likes to say), on our travel saga with all its twists and turns. 😎

The last you saw we were heading out on a bus to yet another Pueblo Mágico, a small town called Valle de Bravo. This town is about 160km from Mexico City and is a very popular location for weekend visits, especially for the more affluent residents of Mexico City and nearby Toluca. We thought we had purchased direct tickets to the town, but this apparently was NOT the case. When the bus pulled over along the side of the highway at an unmarked stop and the bus driver told us unceremoniously to get off,  in our Spanglish we asked “is this Valle de Bravo?” He just shook his head, pointed to the right, hopped back into the bus and headed down the highway. Looking around we didn’t quite know where we were BUT a friendly cab driver, (hummm, wonder why), told us that Valle was about another 40km in a different direction. Full bore into negotiations we finally agreed on a fare and off we went on the winding road at top-notch speed. What we have learned, there are two speeds for cab drivers here in Mexico, stop and go like hell!!

IMG_6059Valle de Bravo, another gorgeous little town, sits on Lago Avándaro, a man-made lake, the result of building a hydroelectric plant that was completed in 1947. The lake, ringed by thickly wooded, mist-clad mountains is a center for water sports and paragliding. The town’s steep cobbled streets are lined with well-preserved red-tiled colonial buildings and anchor the Plaza de la Independencia and the 17th-century San Francisco de Asis Church. It is like eternal spring here, green foliage, lovely flowers, warm days, cool evenings

The main street is a jumble of shops and restaurants with the one road leading into the town continuously gridlocked. The day we arrived school must have just been dismissed, parents and kids swarmed the streets making walking difficult, especially while trying to drag our bags and find our hotel in the hot afternoon sun.

Making our way down the hill to the waterfront we weren’t overly impressed, the area looked seedy and a bit rundown. There were many speedboats and sailboats docked in the water but there seemed to be a lack of docks.  Hawkers tried to entice us to take the half-circle tour boat trip around the lake that apparently provides a great view of the waterfront and the sky-scraping rock called La Peña,  the precipice where paragliders take their flight. We quickly decided we weren’t particularly interested in enduring the booming disco music for the hour-long trip, guess we are just spoiled with our beautiful Kingston waterfront and vistas.

Next stop, Cuiadid de Mexico or as we know it Mexico City.

Gorgeous, colourful poinsettia bushes
Walking down one of the streets in Valle de Bravo
Breakfast time near the zocalo
Breakfast & Spanish lessons in our garden
Angel meets 😇
Time to stop & smell the flowers 🌺
Making fresh tacos  🌮 


Time to move on
The gathering
Adios Valle


Author: Theresa & Bob

We love to wander, aimlessly at times it seems, and will keep moving as far and as long as we can. Serendipity has provided many wonders along the way, when least expected, and we love the anticipation of the 'next great find' just around the corner.

11 thoughts on “Where Have We Been????🌞☀️💫”

  1. Boy, you really know how to make a girl jealous!! Wishing many more ‘wanderful’ adventures! When do you get back? I have your gym membership certificate to pass on. I am happy to drop it at your house if you give me your address (I remember you saying you live quite close to the gym). See you soon, Theresa! Enjoy tour remaining adventures in Mexico!

    1. Oh Anna, thanks so much once again! 🤗 That gym membership will undo all the bad….just sayin’ life has been pretty good as have the cervesas. 🍻

  2. what a time you are having, keep on trucking, weather is getting nice, down to the grass again, 4x so far this winter

    1. Great news Gayle, guess that means we’ll be out golfing easily this year?? Let’s hope March goes out like a lamb 🤞

  3. Hey there B&T….again looks like you guys are enjoying you new leg of the journey. So happy to hear Bob is walking pretty normal!!!!! Love the picture on Instagram of the beach…..looks so peaceful! Where is the next leg of the adventure have you headed?

  4. Hey Brenda, yes he is mucho better, thank goodness! Stay tuned, you’ll be featured in an upcoming blog, coming soon to YOU!! Promise, no discriminating pics. 😉

  5. Glad to hear from the both of you again and that you survived that bus trip. Valle de Bravo sounds like a good place to move to. The weather sounds perfect. It is snowing here at this moment and I am simply tired of it.

    1. Looked at the Weather Network for Kingston yesterday, just nasty is all I can say!! Better start planning your next trip to Hualtuco, now we know why you and Mic love it here!

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