Thinking of you down in Mexico…

Over forty years ago, Acapulco was our first travel destination as a couple. And as the saying goes, “it was love at first sight”, the Mexican people, culture, food, music, sunsets not to mention guaranteed sunshine were all we needed in those early blissful days. We have been back to Mexico several times to various locations enjoying riotously great times and making wonderful memories with family and friends over the years.

So here we are again, back in Mexico, kicking off our 2018 journey in Puerto Vallarta, not quite the “remote little fishing village” made famous when Richard Burton brought his soon-to-be-wife Elizabeth Taylor to the filming location of The Night of the Iguana’ back in 1964. Hard to believe our initial visit was 38 years ago and last visit to this area 15 years ago.

The landscape has certainly changed since our first trip when there was only a bumpy two lane road leading into the ‘old town’, at what seemed miles away from the airport.  The area was very rustic and undeveloped, however it has expanded exponentially, in all directions, and is a well-travelled haven for sun-seekers, with all the North American amenities one could dream of.

For the curious, our travels this trip will take us to various locations throughout  Mexico not previously visited with a side trip to Belize and perhaps even Guatemala. With no return ticket and a rough itinerary the sky’s the limit, so to speak. Staying closer to home this year also gives us the great pleasure and fun of meeting up with our adult children to celebrate our son Michael’s 35th birthday.

Our trip didn’t start off exactly smoothly this time around though….a mixup with the airport hotel left us scrambling for another the evening prior to departure and travelling standby, complements of our daughter, saw only one of us getting a seat  on our intended flight. Bob took the short straw, staying behind in Toronto but was successful the following day. I always wondered what it was like to meet a loved one at the airport!! What I know for sure is flexibility and not getting toooo fussed for whatever curve life decides to throw definitely goes a long way.

Familiar landmarks, such as the historic old town church adorned with its distinctive crown, the malecon (boardwalk), zocalo (town square) and the first hotel we stayed at on Playa Los Muertos have been revisited. The town is bustling, economy booming and unfortunately the culture we came to love has been swallowed up by commercialism and social progression. Sadly we are left wondering, can we find an authentic Mexico in our wanderings?

Despite this, lunching at an old haunt and favourite restaurant, La Fuente Del Puente and walking the back streets awakens a flood of sweet memories, melting away the  years.

Tomorrow we plan to hop a bus making Guadalajara our next destination.


Author: Theresa & Bob

We love to wander, aimlessly at times it seems, and will keep moving as far and as long as we can. Serendipity has provided many wonders along the way, when least expected, and we love the anticipation of the 'next great find' just around the corner.

12 thoughts on “Thinking of you down in Mexico…”

  1. Another beautiful blog so well written. Glad to see you re-visiting your old haunts and the memories you shared. Also very nice to see the blue skies, white sands and “heat”. Keep enjoying and stay safe. Thanks for taking us with you on this trip through your writings. Cheers.

  2. Hola, have an amazing time!! Puerto Vallarta is my favourite! Go to Pepi’s (PEpe’s) restaurant if you can get the chance, it is amazing!
    We also loved Acupulco and did a full city tour with a taxi driver!

  3. Hey there. Glad you both made it down to bad you went separately. The blogs are amazing Theresa and thanks fir sending them. I enjoy reading them.
    You both enjoy and safe travels everywhere you go.
    Take care
    Paul & Faith

  4. Yes, I love the Theresa and Bob blogs which always contain interesting adventures for these two brave souls. Not a great start this time with separate flights — luckily T does not get too “fussed” about these little things!

  5. Even tho’ we are staring at the white snow- 20cm, looking at those beautiful pics has cheered me up..
    Mick had to shovel for 3 days in a row:
    Enjoy and cherish every second of your trip.
    Marianne and Mick

  6. Thanks everyone for all your comments, really appreciate them! Wishing that you all could be here with us, especially when looking a the weather you are experiencing back home. Stay warm!!!

  7. Glad you two were safely reunited! Nothing more sure than change is there. Anxious to get to Mexico and soak up some of that sunshine! See you in a couple of weeks! Have fun. Xoxo

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