The “Foodie” Within

This is fun!
This is fun!

Hot, spicy, fresh & with a gentle hint of sweetness is the best way to describe the wonderful dishes we prepared at the “Classic Home Cooking” school in Chaing Mai. With the multitude of cooking classes to choose from it was difficult to narrow one down, however based on our hotel hostess’ recommendation this one was everything we wanted, plus! Bob, always the supportive spouse agreed, (“yes dear”), to accompany me for the day-long class where we both put hands-on culinary skills to work. Under the ever vigilant eye of our teacher we accomplished a total of 12 different & absolutely delicious dishes. The class was held at Mr. & Mrs. Vannee’s home where they host the group cooking classes. These folks come with great credentials, having had their own restaurant in Bangkok for several years. Quite the setup, each student has their own work station; we lucked out with only 3 of us for the morning class & just the 2 of us in the afternoon.

Hard at work.
Hard at work making green curry paste from scratch.
Ta da, lunch – green curry, massaman curry, noodles with black bean sauce, pad thai, hot & sour soup with prawns, etc., etc.

Picked up at our hotel in the morning, the day started off with a trip to one of the many local markets to purchase the ingredients for the dishes we had chosen to prepare (yes, we had homework prior to the class). Quite interesting to learn about new & different fruits & vegetables, how coconut milk/cream & palm sugar is processed from the raw material & the making various types of rice/egg noodles, etc. Familiar with most ingredients, our teachers provided us with substitutes for those ingredients we will no doubt have trouble finding back home. The one big take-away is the timing of adding ingredients for maximum fusion of flavour, plus the relatively short cooking time. One of our favourites is thai green curry &  spicy papaya salad – a mix of shredded green papaya, limes, garlic, green beans, thai chilies, peppers, tomatoes, palm sugar, roasted peanuts & fish sauce – so fresh & yummy! I also now have the ‘secret’ ingredients for pad thai, one dish I hadn’t quite mastered previously, despite being relatively easy.

Special instruction from the master.
Special instructions from the master.

We had great fun, learned so much & with bellies full had several take away dishes for dinner & sharing with the staff back at the hotel. Can’t wait to get home to replicate the dishes & try out some of the new ones from the cookbook we were given.  On another note, Bob has expanded his cooking repertoire  & I look forward to some tasty dishes after  work &  a good workout at the gym. One more thing, we both graduated with distinction & received a certificate of achievement to boot!

The graduates!
The graduates!

Author: Theresa & Bob

We love to wander, aimlessly at times it seems, and will keep moving as far and as long as we can. Serendipity has provided many wonders along the way, when least expected, and we love the anticipation of the 'next great find' just around the corner.

9 thoughts on “The “Foodie” Within”

  1. What a wonderful experience and such a great way to spend the day learning not only cooking but the entire process of shopping for the ingredients. I was salivating reading your descriptions. Again you both look so at ease there, relaxed and happy. Keep on trucking.

  2. What a perfect team, true inspiration, makes us wish to travel with you.
    Seems you could go on your discovery journey for ever.
    Hugs from Lachine QC

  3. Thanks Elaine, and your are quite right….this is just the beginning of new, uncharted territory for us both! XO

  4. These are messages from Doreen & Alberta:
    “Oh how I wish I was there with Bob and Theresa ! They are my kind of traveller. Doreen”

    “I was reading this morning about serious violence in Bangkok; then read our heroes’ blog relating their beautiful, peaceful cooking session complete with wonderful pix — slight slant to the eyes in the last one! Seriously they look so fit and happy and are doing exactly what they like to do — so impressive. Alberta”

  5. Guess I’ll have to drop by for dinner…those classes sound like a great experience with some tasty take-a-ways…and Bob, great job on being such a supportive spouse!

    1. Looking forward to having Rosemary & you for dinner when you visit K-town. Will have Bob whip up some of those tasty Thai dishes.

  6. Wow, looks yummy and lots of fun! You must be having a blast doing all your exploring and I look forward to hearing more….your blogs continue to be tremendous and hope you continue to enjoy!!

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